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electrochemical devices from the developer and manufacturer

On-site production of safe disinfectant Anolyte ANK SUPER, effective against all pathogenic microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and especially dangerous infections.

Anolyte ANK SUPER from STEL-ANK-SUPER devices is used for disinfection

  • in medicine,
  • agriculture
  • in emergency conditions during an epidemic and pandemic,
  • in public utilities,
  • pharmaceutical
  • food and other industries.

Anolyte (with an active substance – hypochlorous acid) is included by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow and the Information Center for monitoring the situation with coronavirus into the list of recommended disinfectants against coronavirus in the "Recommendations for the Chief doctor when preparing a hospital for COVID-19":

  • it is necessary to use an ANOLYTE (hypochlorous acid),
  • can be filled into household sprinklers,
  • spray laminated robes when moving between zones/buildings."

Hypochlorous acid as an active substance is only the part of the Anolyte ANK SUPER from the STEL-ANK-SUPER devices. An indicator of this is the pH of the anolyte, which should be from 5 to 6.5 for active substance - hypochlorous acid.



  • рН=5,0 – 6,5
  • concentration of active substances Сох > 500 mg/l
  • mineralization С < 0,9 g/l
  • active substances – hydroperoxide and chlorine-oxygen oxidants with hypochlorous acid


effective againts:

  • gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria;
  • spores,
  • viruses, 
  • fungi,
  • especially dangerous infections


  • non-toxic (4th, the smallest class of toxicity),
  • identical to antimicrobial protection of human body at phagocytosis,
  • self-degrades after use to tap water,
  • does not accumulate in the environment.

Anolyte ANK SUPER production

STEL-ANK-SUPER devices are produced in different capacities and can produce each up to 24 tons of Anolyte per day.

To produce Anolyte ANK SUPER from STEL-ANK-SUPER devices one need:

  • drinking tap water,
  • solution of sodium chloride (table salt)
  • electric power from 4 to 10 W per 1 liter of Anolyte ANK SUPER.

STEL-ANK-SUPER devices are modern electrochemical devices based on MB electrochemical reactors - Bakhir modules that ensure compliance with the principles of electrochemical activation technology.



  • effective against all pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, spores, especially dangerous infections,
  • does not cause resistance of microorganisms,
  • applied by any means - rubbing, irrigation, spraying, soaking,
  • effective against biofilms, prevents their formation,
  • has a minimum, 4th, toxicity class,
  • is used in the presence of patients, is approved for use in maternity hospitals and child care facilities,
  • can be produced at the place of use in any quantity in a small period of time in emergency situations,
  • is used for safe disinfection of everything - surfaces, objects, tools, water, air, food raw materials and food products, garbage, waste, burial grounds.

Anolyte ANK SUPER application

About us

Leading specialists and experts in the field of electrochemical activation work at the Vitold Bakhir Institute under the scientific supervision of Vitold Bakhir.

More than 500 patents of V.M. Bakhir in Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, China and other countries in the field of engineering and technology of electrochemical activation are widely used in various industries, agriculture and medicine, proving their effectiveness and economy.

We have rich experience in using Anolyte ANK SUPER in all areas, because we are both  manufacturers and developers!

We produce serial electrochemical devices, as well as special devices for specific needs of customers, develop technologies for the production and use of electrochemically activated solutions in all areas with the involvement into R&D  of leading specialists from different fields. Read more about cooperation with the Institute.